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Damp Control In Windsor, Windsor, Berkshire & Surrey

Windsor  Damp Proofers

Our team at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, based in Windsor, specialise in protecting your property from damp, a common yet serious issue that can damage building materials and lead to health problems. We handle rising damp, wet rot, and other damp-related issues effectively, using our range of services. 

Whether it's a domestic or commercial building, we provide tailored solutions. Don’t let damp damage your property or affect your health; trust us to ensure that your property is secure and insulated against damp.

Over 50 years of combined Damp Control experience in Windsor!

Damp Surveys In Windsor

At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, our main goal isn't just completing jobs, but delivering results instead. By choosing our damp survey services in Windsor, you'll receive an in-depth analysis identifying any present damp issues within your property. 

At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, we also provide preventive methods to protect your property from suffering any further damage. This service is specially designed to offer you peace of mind by maintaining the value and durability of your property. Let us help protect your property against damp.

Rot And Woodworm Services In Windsor

It's crucial to get rid of woodworm and rot issues in your building. In and around Windsor, our team at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd offers comprehensive services to tackle these problems for you, making sure that your property remains strong, intact and free of rot. 

We help maintain the strength of your home or building by using the latest and most effective methods. Our Windsor services are not only effective but are also guaranteed to provide satisfaction and peace of mind to our clients. With our help, you can make a stand against woodworms and rot.

Timber Preservation

At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, Windsor, we know that preserving your timber can be vital. Timber preservation can prevent decay, enhance longevity, and maintain the beautiful, natural look of your wooden features. 

At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, you can rely on us to provide the ultimate timber preservation across Windsor.


Woodworm infestations are nasty and have the potential to cause severe damage to your Windsor property. 

By getting help from our specialists at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, you can effectively eradicate these pests from your home - preserving not only your property's structural integrity but also its value and safety.

Dry Rot

Making sure that your property is free of dry rot is important as it can lead to many structural issues. 

It's crucial to prevent and manage dry rot from becoming problematic in your property, and our team at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd in Windsor are here to help.

Rising Damp

At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, we understand the significance of tackling rising damp in a property. Not only do we prevent structural damage, but our services also create a more comfortable and healthier living or working space. 

Don't let damp take over; safeguard your environment with our comprehensive Windsor damp-proof services.

Wet Rot

It's crucial to eliminate and stop the growth of wet rot within a building. Without swift action, wet rot can seriously harm a structure's strength. 

At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, our Windsor team of experts offer effective treatments to prevent the spread of wet rot, ensuring your building remains in excellent condition.

Thermal Rendering And Plastering

Improve your Windsor home's insulation with  thermal rendering and plastering solutions. These services are critical in damp-proofing a structure, as they provide a robust thermal barrier. 

This prevents damp from seeping through walls, ensuring your property remains warm, dry and energy efficient - a crucial aspect of building maintenance.

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Windsor Thermal Rendering

Are you struggling with damp in your building in Windsor? Our expert team at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd offers thermal rendering services that not only fight against damp but also significantly improve your building's insulation. 

Our method effectively combats any damp-related problems, enhancing the durability and comfort of your building. At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, we can help you enjoy a dry, warm building across Windsor.

Thermal Plastering Windsor

Thermal Plastering  Near Windsor

At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, we are dedicated to providing quality thermal plastering services in and around Windsor. The importance of a well-executed thermal plastering job cannot be overstated when it comes to damp-proofing a building.

By using high-grade materials coupled with state-of-the-art techniques, our team at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd ensures that your property becomes both damp-resistant and well-insulated thermally. This dual advantage offers an impressive level of protection against damp, condensation, cold draughts and more.

This actively enhances the comfort level within your property. Moreover, our thermal plastering can contribute to lower energy bills by improving heat retention in colder months. At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, you can trust us to keep your Windsor property damp-free and sturdy.

Windsor Damp Proofing Company Near Me

Finding the right damp-proofing company is crucial in handling property damp issues. If you're in Windsor and looking for a damp-proofing company near you, our team at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd is a reliable solution. With a dedicated team of professionals, we offer comprehensive services to combat and effectively prevent damp issues in your property.

Our vast experience in the industry guarantees quality services tailored to your specific needs. Investing in a company like Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd gives you several benefits; we can provide early detection of potential damp problems - which saves your property from extensive damage and costly repairs. 

We also provide you with a healthier living environment with our Windsor damp-proofing services. Get in touch with us today, and experience our unrivalled damp-proofing services.

Damp Control Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Damp Control Windsor

Our damp-proofing services make sure that your walls can withstand this moisture threat so that you can breathe easily and safely. Any germs or mildew in your house can be removed and avoided using our damp-proofing services.

Waterproof Concrete Flooring Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Waterproof Concrete Flooring Windsor

Upgrade your home or workplace with our waterproof concrete flooring services at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd. Enjoy the advantages of our professionally installed waterproof concrete flooring in Windsor. Our flooring's enhanced durability, water resistance, and longevity, ensure your property stays damp-free.

Thermal Plastering Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Thermal Plastering Windsor

Thermal plastering is a great way to improve the thermal efficiency of a property. It can help prevent cold spots where condensation and damp issues can occur. Thermal plastering limits the chances of damp forming.