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Wet Rot Specialist Near Me Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Wet Rot Surveys Windsor

Wet rot is an unpleasant type of damp that finds its way into many properties. Our wet rot surveyors inspect your property to identify the rot and its source.

Our surveys can help identify wet rot early on - saving you both time and money in the long run. Our team can identify the rot and remove it too.

Contact Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd for peace of mind and reliable protection for your property. We strive to make sure your property is safe from wet rot.


Wet Rot Removal Windsor

Our wet rot removal service protects properties across Windsor. We remove the infected timber and implement preventive measures to stop future rot. Our experts make sure that your property is fully protected from wet rot.

Trust Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd to deliver reliable, effective, and professional wet rot removal services.

Damp Surveys

We can accurately identify damp and rot in your property. By finding these issues early on, we can remove the rot and prevent it from returning.

Our reliable damp surveyors offer detailed and accurate damp surveys in Windsor.

Basement Waterproofing

We offer reliable basement waterproofing services in Windsor. Our professionals apply waterproofing solutions to protect your property from water damage.

With our services, you can prevent damp, mould, and structural issues. Protect your home with our waterproofing services.

Dry Rot

We provide dry rot treatment services in Windsor. We have the skills and knowledge to identify and remove dry rot - as well as prevent further damage.

Our services maintain the health of your property and prevent the spread of dry rot.

Wet Rot

We offer wet rot removal services throughout Windsor. Our trained experts identify, treat and prevent wet rot. Our thorough approach removes the rot and enhances the health of your property.

Our wet rot removal services make sure your property is protected against rot.

Rising Damp

We use proven and effective methods to treat rising damp in Windsor. Our rising damp services target the root cause of the problem and fix it.

Rising damp can weaken your property; with our services, we make sure to resolve the issue quickly.

Timber Preservation

We offers expert timber preservation services in Windsor. Rely on us to protect the wood in your property from rot and decay.

By preventing moisture from penetrating the wood, we stop the rot before it starts.


Wet Rot Treatment Windsor

We offer comprehensive and effective wet rot treatment services in Windsor. Our expert team identifies the source of the moisture and treats the infected timber.

By doing this, we eliminate the wet rot fungus at its core. We also implement preventative measures to ensure the issue doesn't reoccur. This helps to protect your property against future damage.

Local Wet Rot Control Windsor

We provide local wet rot control services throughout Windsor. Our extensive knowledge lets us personalise our services to you. By addressing wet rot issues promptly, we can prevent further damage to your property.

We provide detailed inspections to identify the source of the wet rot - and fix it. Protect your property with our reliable services.

The Source Of Wet Rot Is Found And Isolated

Our first step is identifying and isolating the source of the wet rot. This involves a thorough inspection to detect moisture and ensure it doesn't spread.

Once we identify the affected areas, we dry out the damp zones. This can involve improving ventilation, using dehumidifiers, or fixing leaks.

The Affected Timber Is Dried And Removed

Once the source of the moisture is identified, we dry the affected timber to stop any further decay. We use specialised equipment to ensure the wood is completely dried.

The damaged wood is then carefully removed to prevent any more harm to your property.

The Timber Is Treated With A Fungicide And Replaced

Finally, Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd treat the affected area with a fungicide for long-term protection. We then safely replace the removed timber with new, treated wood.

This ensures that the wood is restored and secure against any future rot.


Damp Control Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Damp Control Windsor

Our damp-proofing services make sure that your walls can withstand this moisture threat so that you can breathe easily and safely. Any germs or mildew in your house can be removed and avoided using our damp-proofing services.

Waterproof Concrete Flooring Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Waterproof Concrete Flooring Windsor

Upgrade your home or workplace with our waterproof concrete flooring services. Enjoy the advantages of our professionally installed waterproof concrete flooring in Windsor. Our flooring's enhanced durability, water resistance, and longevity, ensure your property stays damp-free.

Thermal Plastering Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Thermal Plastering Windsor

Thermal plastering is a great way to improve the thermal efficiency of a property. It can help prevent cold spots where condensation and damp issues can occur. Thermal plastering limits the chances of damp forming. 

Contact our wet rot specialist today on 01784 918841 for trusted damp proofing services in Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey. We are your first choice for wet rot treatment and removal in your home.