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Waterproof Concrete Flooring In Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Professional Waterproof  Concrete Installers

Our professional concrete installers, throughout Windsor and the surrounding areas, have the experience to deliver exceptional services. 

Waterproof flooring is crucial for damp proofing, and with us, you can expect the best. Our precise and efficient installation process ensures minimal disruption to your property.

Proper installation prevents moisture ingress - protecting your floors and maintaining their durability. 

Trust Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd for reliable waterproof concrete flooring services. We ensure that your property remains safe and dry for years to come.

Over 50 years of combined Damp Proofing experience!

Domestic Waterproof Concrete Flooring 

Every homeowner deserves a durable and long-lasting floor. With Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd's waterproof concrete, you get a floor that resists water damage and damp. Our flooring is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms exposed to water. They're easy to clean, prevent mould, and add value to your home. With our reliable service, you can have peace of mind.

Thermal Plastering Services

Using our professional thermal plastering services for damp proofing is crucial. We make your home safer and healthier by preventing the growth of mould.

This protection enhances the longevity and comfort of your properties throughout Windsor and the surrounding areas.

Damp Proofing Services

Professional damp proofing services from Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd help prevent moisture from penetrating your property.

We help protect the structural integrity of your home from damage caused by damp. Our services help create a safe and healthy living environment.

Damp Surveys

A professional damp survey is crucial for maintaining your property. At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, our surveys identify potential problems before they escalate. 

With our services at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd, we can help extend the lifespan of your property.

Domestic Services 

Damp-proofing homes is vital to prevent mould and structural damage. Our team at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd can handle all domestic damp issues.

We ensure your home remains safe and healthy. Trust our professionals for effective damp services to protect your property and well-being.

Commercial Services

Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd offers commercial damp proofing services across Windsor and the surrounding areas. Our services prevent structural damage and keep your property damp-free.

Our team ensures long-term protection for properties. Contact us today for reliable damp proofing services.

Waterproof Concrete Services

Prevent water damage with Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd's waterproof concrete services. Our waterproof concrete ensures your property stays damp-free and safe.

Reliable waterproofing from us creates a healthy environment, free from damp and mould. Trust us for high-quality damp-proofing services.

Damp Surveys Berkshire & Surrey

Commercial Waterproof Flooring Services

We specialise in providing commercial waterproof concrete flooring services throughout Windsor and the surrounding areas. 

Our waterproof flooring guarantees increased longevity; effectively reducing damage from damp and water.

With our services, you can rest easy. We provide only the best quality when it comes to our waterproof concrete flooring.  

Local Waterproof Concrete System Installers  

Allow Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd to be your local, go-to company for waterproof concrete system installation. Our skilled professionals excel in creating precise concrete mixtures and applying them evenly.

We ensure that your floors remain damp-free - providing a smooth and safe surface. Trust in our expertise to protect your floors from water damage.


We carefully excavate the existing concrete base to ensure all debris is cleared. This is crucial for a clean and level foundation.

This process prevents future moisture problems from occurring beneath the surface. Doing this helps create a secure, well-insulated base, ready for the waterproof layer.


Damp proof membrane installation safeguards your flooring from damp while adding extra insulation. We carefully lay the damp-proof membrane onto the concrete. 

This ensures that it covers the entire surface without gaps. Next, we place the insulation panels on top of the membrane; fitting them together.


We create a waterproof layer by mixing special additives into the concrete. This blend increases durability and prevents water from seeping through.

The concrete is then evenly poured, ensuring a smooth and consistent finish. Once it's dry, it forms a strong, long-lasting waterproof floor, perfect for damp proofing.

Our Damp Control Services

Damp Control Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Damp Control Windsor

Our damp-proofing services make sure that your walls can withstand this moisture threat so that you can breathe easily and safely. Any germs or mildew in your house can be removed and avoided using our damp-proofing services.

Waterproof Concrete Flooring Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Waterproof Concrete Flooring Windsor

Upgrade your home or workplace with our waterproof concrete flooring services at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd. Enjoy the advantages of our professionally installed waterproof concrete flooring in Windsor. Our flooring's enhanced durability, water resistance, and longevity, ensure your property stays damp-free.

Thermal Plastering Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Thermal Plastering Windsor

Thermal plastering is a great way to improve the thermal efficiency of a property. It can help prevent cold spots where condensation and damp issues can occur. Thermal plastering limits the chances of damp forming. 

Contact us today on 01784 918841 for waterproof concrete flooring in Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey. We are your first choice to install waterproof concrete flooring.