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Thermal Rendering In Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Thermal & Waterproof  Rendering

The biggest benefit of rendering is that it gives the exterior of your house an extra layer of protection. This layer protects it against bad weather and any damp that could form because of it.

Another benefit of rendering your house is that it will improve insulation, ensuring that there are no cold spots where moisture can gather and produce damp. One of the greatest methods to help prevent damp is to invest in thermal and waterproof render.

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Thermal Rendering Services

Thermal rendering helps prevent water leaks and damp. Stone and brick structures can be prone to damp if they sustain damage that allows water to enter. Along with the health problems associated with damp and mouldy areas, damp in a home can damage plaster and wood. By thermally rendering your home, you can prevent water and damp from damaging your property.

Affordable Services

When it comes to damp-proofing, we always offer affordable services.

We recognise that damp can be an expensive problem, which is why we not only customise our services for you but also provide them at a fair price.

Insulating Thermal Render

One big advantage of installing insulated render for your property is that it can significantly improve the walls' ability to retain heat.

This means that it's more difficult for moisture to accumulate and for damp to form.

4Waterproof Render

Rendering is meant to make your external walls more durable and water-repellent.

The waterproof benefits are some of the biggest advantages of rendering; it helps to protect your walls and floors from condensation, which drastically reduces the risk of mould and damp forming.

Fast Installation

At Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd we place an emphasis on fast installations.

The faster your home is damp-proofed, the less time you're wasting worrying about the harsh winter months when damp can become rife.

Domestic Services

We provide and tailor our damp-proofing services for homes of all shapes and sizes. 

Making sure that your home is safe from damp is our biggest priority; this can be accomplished through our damp-proofing services.

Commercial Services

We provide and tailor our damp-proofing services for workplaces of all shapes and sizes.

Making sure that your place of work is safe from damp is our biggest priority; this can be accomplished through our damp-proofing services.

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Waterproofing Surrey Homes

By using waterproof render, we can make your house safer and healthier while reducing its vulnerability to moisture. In addition to avoiding structural damage, waterproofing your property can also help stop damp, and the growth of mould. 

Your home's foundation could develop large cracks and even collapse as a result of water damage. Having us waterproof your house both inside and out can improve its structural protection and help prevent damp.

Professional Rendering Near Me

The waterproof properties of rendering are one of its most significant benefits; by protecting your walls and floors from humidity and moisture, it significantly reduces the risk of damp and mould. The added lime increases the mixture's breathing properties, enabling moisture to escape from the surface rather than being retained. Get in touch if you're looking for expert rendering.


Installing render means that you can keep your property waterproof.

This helps prevent moisture from collecting in the walls or floor and essentially helps stop damp from forming.  Waterproofing your home is one of the biggest ways to stop damp from entering your home during harsh weather.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal rendering is another way to help prevent damp and mould.

This is because it insulates your property and helps it retain heat and be thermal-efficient. This makes it harder for cold spots to form, where damp can grow.


Investing in damp-proof services, such as render installation, can make your property more breathable.

By lowering the risk of damp and mould, you can rest easy knowing that you won't be breathing in potentially harmful bacteria.

Our thermal rendering Services

Damp Control Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Damp Control Windsor

Our damp-proofing services make sure that your walls can withstand this moisture threat so that you can breathe easily and safely. Any germs or mildew in your house can be removed and avoided using our damp-proofing services.

Waterproof Concrete Flooring Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Waterproof Concrete Flooring Windsor

Upgrade your home or workplace with our waterproof concrete flooring services at Above Water Damp Proofing Ltd. Enjoy the advantages of our professionally installed waterproof concrete flooring in Windsor. Our flooring's enhanced durability, water resistance, and longevity, ensure your property stays damp-free.

Thermal Plastering Windsor, Slough, Berkshire & Surrey

Thermal Plastering Windsor

Thermal plastering is a great way to improve the thermal efficiency of a property. It can help prevent cold spots where condensation and damp issues can occur. Thermal plastering limits the chances of damp forming.